SofTech Data Solutions works to keep people and information connected. Below are some sample stories showing how we’re helping clients achieve their goals.

Peppermill Community Center of the Prince George’s County Planning Department (M-NCPPC)
We set up computer labs at the Peppermill Community Center to teach children and adults computer skills. Our courses covered the programs in Microsoft Office Suite, as well as Web design with MS Front Page. People of every age increased their computer proficiency over the course of the 12-week program.

DC Public School Systems
We provided network integration, training and support for DC public schools — supplying a one-source solution for multiple IT needs. In addition, we are contracted to set up homogeneous networks (operating systems that originate from different vendors) for IBM-compatible PCs, Macintosh computers and printers. These networks will provide DC school kids with an opportunity to learn computer skills ... and a greater chance to move ahead in life.

United Way of the National Capital Area
We connected seven of the DC area’s United Way regions with a Wide Area Network using Cisco routers and switches. Before our installation, each user in the region had to take turns dialing in to receive their email and search the Internet. Now they can access the information and communications they need anytime. We also provide them with network support to ensure top performance.

LPI Inc.
We provided LPI Inc., one of the metropolitan area’s largest temporary agencies, with customized databases. As a result, they’re able to match potential employees with clients more efficiently — saving time and improving results. We also provide network support to minimize downtime.

We customize our solutions for every client. You’re invited to contact us ... and find out what SofTech Data Solutions can do for you.